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Yacine Benguerba


Ferhat ABBAS Setif-1 University



Yacine Benguerba is working as a professor and Researcher in the department of Chemical Engineering at Ferhat ABBAS Setif-1 University, Algeria. He is currently working on several projects, including deep eutectic solvents; the adsorption/removal of various industrial dyes, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. He is also working on the corrosion inhibition of metallic surfaces. He is also working on simulating catalytic reactors using first- or second-order reaction models and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. He has published nearly 100 publications and many more review articles. He attended many International Conferences.

Research Interests are Molecular modeling and molecular docking, Process modeling and simulation, Catalysis, chemical reactivity, coking and deactivation of catalysts, Biocatalysis and fermentation, Membranes and membrane-based separation, Surface phenomena, transfer phenomena, Design of new molecules with therapeutic interest, Deep eutectic solvents (DESs).

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