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Noe Anes

Mining Engineer

University of Oviedo



Noe Anes is a Mining Engineer and Dr (c) in Materials by the University of Oviedo related to bioplastics. Researcher in the materials department. I have been working for 6 years in materials, nanomaterials and bioplastics, more than 15 years in renewable energies. Collaboration project with the University of Colombia in a bioplastics and bioenergy project. Publications in journals and books, related to mining, extraction and materials. Director of engineering projects, construction of biogas, biodiesel and HVO plants. R&D project manager of numerous national and international projects with materials such as polyvinylidene fluoride or polyhydroxyalkanoates. I have participated in numerous international conferences. I have published several research papers in journals and written chapters in numerous books. I am also a reviewer for international indexed journals.


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