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Kyriakos Maniatis

Independent Consultant, Former EC Officer, DG ENER



Kyriakos Maniatis worked under various functions in the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission from 1988 up to his retirement as Principal Administrator in April 2020. He managed the DG ENER demonstration component under the various Framework Programs of the Commission being responsible for innovation and technical issues related to biomass, bioenergy, and biofuels. In this role Kyriakos undertook several initiatives in close coordination with the industry for the market deployment of advanced biofuels, including setting up the European Biofuels FlightPath in Aviation in 2011 and the Alternative Renewable Transport Fuels Forum (ART Fuels Forum) in 2017. He also led the work of the Sub-Group on Advanced Biofuels (SGAB) of the Sustainable Transport Forum.


Kyriakos also represented the EC in the Executive Committee of IEA Bioenergy TCP up to his retirement and served as the ExCo Chairman in 2002 and from 2005 to 2007. He regularly organised workshops and conferences on these subjects, such as the International Conference on Lignocellulosic Ethanol and the EU-India Conference on advanced biofuels. He is Co-Chair of the EU-India Stakeholder Group on Advanced Biofuels and leads the Low Carbon Biofuels Forum. Since his retirement Kyriakos acts as an independent international consultant.

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