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Inimfon Udoetok

Research Chemist

Arizona Lithium Limited



Inimfon Udoetok is a Lithium Extraction Chemist Manager at Arizona Lithium Limited (AZL), a company that explores and develops lithium projects in the United States. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Regina, where he co-supervises graduate students and teaches chemistry courses.With over 10 years of experience in biopolymer chemistry and water analysis, he has a wide and deep knowledge base in the modification of biomaterials for the removal of a wide range of contaminants from water. He is knowledgeable in direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, which is a novel and sustainable method of extracting lithium from brine. He is responsible for developing and enhancing DLE technology, operating and maintaining various analytical instruments, developing laboratory standard methods and procedures, and collaborating with EV and battery/cathode manufacturers. He is also skilled in project management, data analytics, and Six Sigma methodology. He has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals and received several awards for his innovative research. He is passionate about advancing the field of environmental sustainability through biopolymer modification, lithium extraction and contributing to the global transition to clean energy. He is motivated by the opportunity to apply his skills and knowledge to solve real- world problems and create value for his company and society. He is adaptable, collaborative, and communicative, and strives to maintain a high level of excellence and professionalism in his work.

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