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Frank Kameier


Duesseldorf Univ.of Applied Sciences



Frank Kameier was able to build on the research work of the "Fluid Machinery" department at the Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences with the "Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics" department from 1998 onwards. In the existing tradition, the experience generated over 40 years in the design of centrifugal fans was supplemented with knowledge of flow acoustics, flow-induced vibrations and measurement technology from aircraft engine technology. He worked for 4 years at BMW-Rolls Royce (now Rolls Royce Germany) as an expert for unsteady aerodynamics. Highlights of his industrial research as a Professor was the noise reduction project of the Boing 787 Dreamliner with a modified outflow valve geometry. Also, he has Patents for devices to reduce axial flow machine noise or for the energy harvesting based on unsteady fluid mechanical effects. In the field of infrasound, he has experience of around 35 years. Frank Kameier has studied Physics at the Oberstufenkolleg as a part of Bielefeld University. He graduated from the Technical University of Berlin in 1988 with a degree in Engineering Science. Supported by the German Aerospace Center he finished his PhD in 1993 also at Berlin Technical University. Since 1998 he is Professor for Fluid Mechanics and Acoustic at Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

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