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Andac Kilic

R&D Energy Expert

ADM Electricity Distribution Inc., Turkey



Andac Kilic has graduated Electrical and Electronics in Gazi University since 2002. He is still working energy expert of R&D department in ADM
Electrical Distribution Co in Turkey
. He has been completed many R&D projects including energy efficiency, energy storage, grid analysis, reducing
technical and non-technical loses etc. He is also team leader of Technology Development Department and he is developing technical equipment
including measuring, controlling from the remote. Andac is a coordinator for ADM Electrical Distribution Company for EU and TUBITAK, which
is Turkish R&D institute, projects. He is completed one Horizon 2020 project which name is “Smarter Grid: Empowering SG Market ACtors through
Information and Communication Technologies-Smarterm EMC2 and one Solar Era-Net project which name is “Enabling rising penetration and
added value of photovoltaic generation by implementation of advanced storage systems-Erigeneia”. He is still Turkish coordinator of one Era-Net
project which name is “Reliability of Long Term Renewable Energy Provision based on PV Technologies”.

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